Before & After Gallery

This beautiful courtyard renovation was made possible by the desires for change by these clients. They had built the house originally in the 70’s from a plan they used in California on a previous home they had built. The clients stated they loved their home but were never able to utilize the courtyard for many parts of the year due to the extreme Texas climate. AIBD Building Designer Ron Parker redesigned the space utilizing a series of Velux glass skylights and open stucco archways. Through significant structural engineering and beam placement, this phenomenal open concept courtyard was created that not only blends with the existing home, but enhances it as well. Ron and his wife, Lila were watching a movie when he noticed for a brief second a beautiful contemporary entry door from an historic building in the film. Ron utilized this inspiration for the design of the gorgeous contemporary iron and glass doors and arched transom, which became the focal point for this contemporary home. This project also included replacing the windows on the front of the residence and replacing the wood bands with new stucco bands that blended with the home. The stucco was re-plastered for all the modifications, the tile roof was replaced, and new AC systems were installed to compensate for the additional space. The sidewalk was replaced with pattern concrete “stone faced” stained concrete and the yard was completely re-landscaped.

Builder: Ron Parker GMB, CGR, CMB, CMR, CAPS
Building Designer: Ron Parker AIBD
Associate Building Designer: Carolyn Wilson
Project Manager: Paul Diseker
Landscaping: Marcus Bowen Landscaping